by Wraiths

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"A barbarous violent attack on the ear that doesn’t hold back from the get go" - HIT THE FLOOR

"Not for the faint hearted, but for fans of the hellish heavy" - ROCKSOUND

"Downtuned to within an inch of its life, think the likes of the Acacia Strain but strip back some of the precision and add in its place multiple layers of visceral filth” - BIG CHEESE

Five Tracks of brutal hell metal for fans of The Acacia Strain


released September 29, 2014

All songs Written and performed by Wraiths

Production by Nathan Smith



all rights reserved


Ghost Music Leeds, UK

Ghost Music is an independent metal & hardcore record label based in the UK

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Track Name: Godslayer
Dark void swallow me whole, drag me to the darkest hole, deep down into the ground, so my body can never be found

I take a breath but i choke on dust, i start walking in to the emptiness

In the cold hard earth of hell, i have found my place of rest, let me ssuffer let me stay, please devil, let me lay

When our bodies have turned to dust,
Left with nothing but this putrid mess
Sinking further into the abyss, humanity will not be missed

Wake the monster, from the sea, a killing machine from the coldest deep
As he rises, the ocean parts, he has come to consume your heart

I am the black, hand of death
Chioke you cold, cease your breath
Butchered like a pig
For the wolves to feeeed
Track Name: Malignation
Searching in the ever lasting abyss for a cure for this scourge
Only complete nothingness can absolve this curse
Murder of the cardinals the sacred rite will burn
Only the blood of child can save this earth

Rise of the damned

When the son of death, lays his head on the earth where we rest, listening for a pulse or a sign of life there will be nothing to hear
When the wolf of hell, spurts her fiery breath

Do you believe in the afterlife, that in the end, we don't just die
Dark creature from the hole, please take my dying soul

My breath is cold if i draw breath at all, and my skin is made of stone
I grow so old but i will never die, i will live on until the end of time

Searching in the ever lasting abyss for a cure for this scourge
Only complete nothingness can absolve this curse

And ill be free to roam, when death takes me home.
Track Name: Gravelord
I woke with despair in my heart, from the pain of being alive.
Every second i spend on this earth makes me want to convulse and die.

Burn all the bones before they come to life.
Cut them down from their ceaseless strife. 
You will fall, by the sword.
In the tomb, of the gravelord.

I learned how to deal with loss so many moons ago, i feel i'm dead inside but i will not subside.
One thousand eyes, shrouded in smoke, fingers of knives, in the devils cloak.

This sickness growing in your lungs, soon you'll be unable to scream, 
trapped in this world of sorrow, you will fail, you will turn hollow. 

Burn all the bones before they come to life.
Cut them down from their ceaseless strife. 
You will fall. By the sword.
In the tomb. Of the gravelord.

The suffering you will endure, 
will amount to nothing in the end, 
your body will lay where the old one lies,
in the dark, in the cold, prepare to die.
Track Name: Devoured
Flares from the dying sun
Drill a hole into the ocean floor
Seething the surface of waves
As smoke errupts
From the cave

I tried I tried to appease the evil
Growing fast in the bottom of my heart,
But I know It will devour me,
Use my body to feast.

Lurking over my every move,
Wish for my time to come
Praying praying that I lose my hold
But my blood will never run cold.

Over and over I make the same mistakes
My soul is ready for death to take
The stones guarding the devils crypt
Will rot away in a flood of filth

Nail my body to a tree and let the crows devour me

Black blood drips from my throat but I'm still breathing,
In the last month of daylight, when the darkness comes none will survive.
Track Name: Belial
I am ready, ready to die
So put your coins over my eyes
I hope to god they manage to bury me,
In the chasm at the bottom of the sea.

I'm not sorry for everything
That I ever did to you
But no one will find the pieces
No one will know the truth

Save me from becoming, the demon from which I'm running
Scared to sleep close my eyes my demons follow right by my side
Dogs of the older gods,
Petted like the hounds of war
Guarding the throne of the vanquisher.

Who'd have thought life could be so cruel
I wish I could have choked in my mothers womb

Save myself from the pain of living
In a world where loved ones die
And I just keep on breathing

I will burn will a loving smile
As I'm melted into the ground
In time you will come to learn
Why this filthy earth will burn